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So much fabulous

Okay, no spoilers here, but those of you who've read FANGTABULOUS understand why I've been a bit too busy to post lately.  However, I had to find a secure Internet cafe to squee about a few things!

#1 - VAMPED is right now specially priced for Kindle at $1.99, so if you haven't read my adventures yet (makes you cool, everybody's doing it), now would be the perfect time to start!

#2 - My fourth adventure, FANGTABULOUS, is coming out on January 8th.  It's set in Salem, Massachussets, which has to be the most haunted town in America, so set your sights on some extra-special spookiness.  I'm so stoked for this one!  Oh, and cover reveal!

#3 - My chronicler, Lucienne Diver, has updated her events page.  She's got two very cool things coming up in October: Necronomicon in St. Pete Beach, FL and the 3rd Annual Trash to Fashion event at the Leesburg Public Library in Leesburg, FL.  If you're fashionably inclined and between the ages of 8 to 19, sign up now to participate and show off your own recycled wearable art!  Or if you appreciate the ingenuity of others and want to check out what these fabulous folks come up with, please please come and support them!  (Oh yes, and Lucienne's emceeing again because I still don't show up on camera.  Boo.  At least she's consulting me on her wardrobe choices so that she can properly represent!)  Hope to see some of you there!

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New cover and living the life

For Teaser Tuesday, a short quote from my third adventure, Fangtastic (forthcoming in January): "It's a tragic fact that some guys are born totally without butt."

Drum roll, please, for the grand unveiling of the cover! (Bum bum bum bum...bum bum...bum bum....bum!)

There's no excerpt yet, but there's some further information up on the publisher's site, where it's available for pre-order!

In other news, L (you may know her as my main minion and scribe, Lucienne Diver, but I just call her L - or "Elle" as she prefers to think of it, as in McPherson) has announced her schedule until the end of the year.  Totally living =my= dream, she's emceeing a couple of cool events in Clermont, Florida in August and October, a battle of the bands and a fashion event. 
Dragoncon and the World Science Fiction Convention would probably be more in the line of my boy Bobby's dream, but there it is.  The former she'll be attending as author, the latter as agent, though I'm sure if you asked, she'd be glad to sign about a million books or so.  If you're close enough to check any of them out, tell her I sent you.  Flash some fang.  She likes that sort of thing.

August 6, 2011
Emcee for the
Lake County Battle of the Bands 2011
6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at The Wesley Center in Clermont, FL

August 18-21
Worldcon (World Science Fiction Convention) in Reno Nevada

September 2-5
Dragoncon in Atlanta, Georgia

October 22
emcee, 2nd Annual Trash to Fashion event
Cooper Memorial Library, Clermont, FL

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I so totally rocked that runway on Saturday at the Trash to Fashion event at the Cooper Memorial Library!  But I wasn't the only one.  The teens!  OMG, their ingenuity with their recycled wearable art!  I can't wait to post pics.  Unfortunately, Lucienne's camera chose that day to die.  I swear I had nothing to do with it, even though you know us vamps and our image issues.  Anyway, as soon as the good folks who organized the event send pics, I will post.

In the meantime,
L can be found talking about me at the stops below, as part of the continuation of the Crossroads Blog Tour.  Don't forget to tune into the main page to find the scavenger hunt question for each day.  If you follow along and submit your answers, you may win a great big bag full of swag!

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(which character would I most like to be stranded with on a deserted island?)
Book Bound (why vampires?)
Book Faery (being both author and agent)
A Simple Love of Reading (what inspires)
Confessions of a Bookaholic (how to be fanged and fashionable)

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