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Fashionista vs. Trashionista

Totally inspired by W Magazine’s article about how designers have turned out to help raise money for Japan in the wake of their terrible tragedy, I wanted to do a little blog post on humanity.  Yes, me.  What? I’m human…or I used to be.

Anyway, I want to talk a little bit about the difference between being a fashionista and being a trashionista.  First of all, a fashionista is all about beautifying, not belittling, the world one person at a time.  We’re not into fashion just to lord it over all the rest of you, but because it’s wearable art.  That’s right, the first rule of being a fashionista: we totally support the arts.  Whether it’s shoes, couture or shimmery lip gloss, looking good can rise to the level of an art form if you care enough to spend your very best.

Second, we might talk to you about highlights, but we’re not going to mention your really bad dye job.  Not out loud anyway.  Highlights can totally brighten a face, which in turn can make you feel good about the way you look.  Put downs just make you feel bad.  Being a fashionista is all about feeling good about yourself.

Third, we give back.  Oh yeah.  I’m not talking about returning the dress that looked totally cute in the store, but “what was I thinking?” at home.  I’m saying we pay it forward.  Friends don’t let friends walk around with lipstick on their teeth or elastic waistbands.  We just don’t.  True friends will tell it like it is, but we’ll put it in the best possible light.  Think of us as the difference between incandescent (totally kind) versus florescent (boo, hiss) lighting.

There you have it.  Trust me, you totally want to be a fashionista as opposed to a trashionista.  For one thing, the friends are more loyal.  For another, the perks are hot geeks and other elite worshipping at your feet.  Not just for your bodies but for your minds. 

Want to begin your transformation?  I’m no designer…yet, but I’ve come up with other ways that you can give back.  We can call it Couture for a Cure or Clothing Cares or…whatever.  Best part is, it doesn’t even hurt.  You can give last seas on’s clothes or those cute shoes that you’ve worn exactly once, because you got them for the right price and not because they were the right size.  Here are a number of places that’ll take them:

AmVets: Veterens’ help organization

Salvation Army: Doing good works because God told them to

Goodwill: Helping people get a leg up

Covenant House: Helping the homeless particularly

I’m sure there are, like, a hundred others out there.  Please feel free to share your favs with links.  Together we can change (and beautify) the world.

*L wanted me to add that one of her favorite charities is the Red Cross, so here’s a link!

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