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I interview the competition

So, you might have heard there’s a new kid on the block.  Okay, she’s, like, thirty, but still.  My first two tales, Vamped and Revamped, have been out for some time.  Tori’s story is just hitting the market.  Hard.  But that’s just how she rolls. 

Anyway, as you might imagine, I totally had to vet the other person living in Lucienne’s head: Tori Karacis, heroine of Bad Blood.  After chasing her all over L.A., I finally got her to sit still for a whole ten secs to answer a few questions for inquiring minds. 

So what’s life like as a P.I.?  Is it all glamor like in the movies? High profile clients?  High speed chases?  Low-life scumbags?

Um, no, yes, sometimes and oh yeah…although I’m pretty sure “low-life” and “scumbags” are redundant.

Whatev, so, is it true what I hear – that you’re working for Apollo-freakin’-Dumas, totally hot film star?  Also, is it true he’s really some kind of Greek god?

Well, I think he’s dropped the freakin’ now.  Looks better in the credits.  Anyway, I can’t comment.  Confirmation would only feed his ego.

Oh, come on…have you seen the YouTube video?  You two look pretty chummy.  Wait, maybe he’s a little more than a client?

I don’t consider it official until he has my name tattooed on his…wait a minute, how old are you?

17, but that’s beside the point.

On his bicep.  Seriously, I’m not exactly in his league.

You haven’t actually said “no.”

Next question.

I’m still waiting for your first answer.  Okay, how’s this?  When is your first book out?  No pleading the fifth on this one.  I can just Google you.

June 28th, digital first from Samhain Publishing.  I hear it’ll be out in print next year.  It’s got a great cover, though everyone who knows me laughed at the Angelina Jolie look-alike on the cover.

Yeah, I wondered about that.

Hey, you know, she can play me in the movie.  That’d be okay.

There’s gonna be a movie?

Well, this is Hollywood, the land of dreams.  Who knows? 



For those of you following along at home, Tori’s adventures aren’t rated T for teen.  But if you’re old enough to vote, you’re old enough to take note of Bad Blood, the first in Lucienne’s Latter-Day Olympians series. 

(Note: My third adventure, Fangtastic, won’t be out until January 2012.  I’m tempted to say that my adventure will kick her adventure’s butt, but, in all fairness… Greek gods, gorgons, a murder mystery and pending apocalypse…she may give me a run for my money!)

Tags: bad blood, gina covello, gods, gorgons, greek, latter-day olympians, revamped, tori karacis, urban fantasy, vamped
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