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Land O Lakes signing and me, begging

A pic from the Land O Lakes Library local author fair this past Saturday.  That's Lucienne signing.  Also in the pic are her mother (left), her cousin (middle) and grandmother (right), who all seemed to have gotten the black and white memo.  Their friend Marie from the church not so much, but that just means she stands out like a hothouse flower, right?

Yeah, this is me talking.  Standing out is its own reward.

Did I mention that the book Lucienne signed most was my THIRD adventure, Fangtastic?  Yeah, I'm pretty excited.  But here's something new trending...people are NOT talking about me.  Or, not enough, anyway.  I know, right?  Nearly inconceivable!  But here's the thing, it's prompted Lucienne to offer right out in public, on FACEBOOK, no less, to trade hugs for reviews.  On B&N online, Amazon, blogs, wherever.  She's not picky!  Oh, the shame.  On the upside, she never said they had to be good reviews, so technically it's not bribery, right?  Anyway, if you can help an author out, I know she'd appreciate it. needy!

Some links for your convenience:
  Amazon                Powells
  Kindle                   Books-a-million
  Barnes & Noble      Indigo/Chapters

Tags: fangtastic, lucienne diver, reviews, signing

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