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2 Things

Two things to report (quickly, because the dawn's almost here):

Lucienne's talking with Martha Ramirez over at her blog about writing and such.  Not enough about me, but what can you do?

Also, I just had to share.  L received a really lovely thank you note from the teachers at Denham Oaks, where she recently did a talk.  My favorite comment? "It was so much fun to hear you speak.  The kids loved it.  Now they are writing vampire stories."  Our work here is done!  Woot to the vampires.

NYC Fashion Week!

OMG, a chance to go to NYC's Fashion Week (or at least a portion thereof)!  This is, like, my dream!  Unfortunately, I don't show up on film, but if you do, you might not want to miss out on the the #ShowYourHeart photo contest sponsored by Diet Coke.  Check out all the details here.

Lucienne, who does show up on film, is a little too busy running all around the internet promoing our new book, Fangtastic.  She's over today at Magical Words with Authors' Checklist of Dos and Don'ts and at Jessica Brody's blog talking about books, research and her not-so-secret loves.  Still, I'm going to try to cattle prod her into action.  I could be her plus one!


Above is a pic of my chronicler, Lucienne Diver at yesterday's incredible Second Annual Trash To Fashion event hosted by the Lake County Library system and held at the Cooper Memorial library yesterday.  Contestants from eleven to twenty-five competed for prizes over the creativity and execution of their eco-friendly fashions.  Couture was constructed from everything from trash bags to coffee filters and egg cartons.  Some of them I'd even consider strutting my stuff in, and that's high praise indeed!  Cameras tend to be a bit...wonky...next to me, so I'll have to wait until L receives more pics from the event to post here. 

In the meantime, you can read all about her (and her thoughts on me) at the Crossroads Blog Tour, which began yesterday.  The amazing Jackie Morse Kessler is her tour buddy, and they can both be found:

Yesterday at Narratively Speaking
Today at Electrifying Reviews

Follow along with the entire tour and do your daily scavenger hunt for a chance to win awesome prizes, including signed books.  The full schedule and daily questions are here.


Bursting with news today!  First, the winner of Lucienne's newsletter-exclusive contest is Jessy!!!  She gets either signed copies of my first two adventures (Vamped and Revamped) plus swag or a $25 gift certificate to her bookstore of choice.  You go, girl!!!  (If you want to sign up to get info on future exclusives, here's your link.)

Second, be sure to tune in tomorrow for a totally new, totally free short story called "Fanged," following my adventures at the mall with my BFF Marcy.  I promise, it won't all be all sales and shoe shopping, though I fail to see anything wrong with that!

Third, in honor of this past weekend, when Lucienne and her entire family got glammed up for the Renaissance Faire, I'm reposting her very first ever blog:

The Top Ten Things I Learned From Wearing a Corset:

1) Corsets are fantastic for forcing great posture. My grandmother would be so proud...that or scandalized. Probably both.
2) Strange men suddenly lose the ability to look where they're going and totally forget the meaning of subtlety.
3) Always wear sunscreen. (Very important!)
4) In the event that you forget sunscreen, the pain will forever cure you of a second round of stupidity.
5) Dropped food will =never= hit the ground.
6) The fainting scene at the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean is totally convincing.
7) You get very good service.
8) Bend at the knee, not the waist.
9) Men seem to like it when you laugh.
10) It helps to attend an event several hours away so you don't accidentally bump into anyone you know!

And no, there will not be pictures <g>.

[Gina here.  I could have told her all that, of course, but does she ever listen to me?  Oh, no!  But revenge really is the sincerest form of...something.  So, herewith, I'm pleased to present to you a corset shot.  (Plus, it is a really is a fairly stylin' look, if you're into that sort of thing.)  Do me a favor, print it out for her to autograph at some future date and watch the blush. Tell her I sent you!]

Looking for Love

The Revamped release is still almost six months away.  The wait is killing me!  (Or would, if I weren't already undead.)  So, to pass the time, I'm appealing to all of you out there.  Help me spread the word, drive visitors my way and for every 1000 hits to the blog, I'll actually turn things over to Bobby for a bit and give you a glimpse of some deleted scenes from Revamped.  As the release date approaches, there will also be bunches of contests.  Fun!  Prizes!  Absolutely no redeeming social value!

Remember, Gina's Gems...one third more sparkle than your average blog.  Zero transfat.

Mad Geniuses

Hey, have you caught the buzz over at the Mad Genius blog?  It's not =all= about me, but I guess I can live with that, especially since they flash the spiffy Vamped cover that goes so well with my icon.  Check it.