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So much fabulous

Okay, no spoilers here, but those of you who've read FANGTABULOUS understand why I've been a bit too busy to post lately.  However, I had to find a secure Internet cafe to squee about a few things!

#1 - VAMPED is right now specially priced for Kindle at $1.99, so if you haven't read my adventures yet (makes you cool, everybody's doing it), now would be the perfect time to start!

#2 - My fourth adventure, FANGTABULOUS, is coming out on January 8th.  It's set in Salem, Massachussets, which has to be the most haunted town in America, so set your sights on some extra-special spookiness.  I'm so stoked for this one!  Oh, and cover reveal!

#3 - My chronicler, Lucienne Diver, has updated her events page.  She's got two very cool things coming up in October: Necronomicon in St. Pete Beach, FL and the 3rd Annual Trash to Fashion event at the Leesburg Public Library in Leesburg, FL.  If you're fashionably inclined and between the ages of 8 to 19, sign up now to participate and show off your own recycled wearable art!  Or if you appreciate the ingenuity of others and want to check out what these fabulous folks come up with, please please come and support them!  (Oh yes, and Lucienne's emceeing again because I still don't show up on camera.  Boo.  At least she's consulting me on her wardrobe choices so that she can properly represent!)  Hope to see some of you there!

Spreading the good

Lucienne and I both have fangtabulous news today!  Blogcritics gave us this great new review of Fangtastic!  (Warning, spoilers on the first two novels, but you can certainly read them out of order if you're so inclined.)  I just totally want to hug the reviewer, and my friend Vlad, who helped me get the details right!

Also, Lucienne is doing a fangtastic thing.  Did you know that over a billion people in the world don't have safe water.  I'm talking not just to bathe in, but even to drink?  Totally unacceptable.  She and other publishing pros are donating critiques that are being auctioned off to raise money for water projects.  I hope you'll join in, either on the critique auction or in some other way.  (If you want to see how Lucienne works first, critique-wise, her pre-auction interview posted yesterday here.)

Land O Lakes signing and me, begging

A pic from the Land O Lakes Library local author fair this past Saturday.  That's Lucienne signing.  Also in the pic are her mother (left), her cousin (middle) and grandmother (right), who all seemed to have gotten the black and white memo.  Their friend Marie from the church not so much, but that just means she stands out like a hothouse flower, right?

Yeah, this is me talking.  Standing out is its own reward.

Did I mention that the book Lucienne signed most was my THIRD adventure, Fangtastic?  Yeah, I'm pretty excited.  But here's something new trending...people are NOT talking about me.  Or, not enough, anyway.  I know, right?  Nearly inconceivable!  But here's the thing, it's prompted Lucienne to offer right out in public, on FACEBOOK, no less, to trade hugs for reviews.  On B&N online, Amazon, blogs, wherever.  She's not picky!  Oh, the shame.  On the upside, she never said they had to be good reviews, so technically it's not bribery, right?  Anyway, if you can help an author out, I know she'd appreciate it.  Authors...so needy!

Some links for your convenience:
  Amazon                Powells
  Kindle                   Books-a-million
  Barnes & Noble      Indigo/Chapters

NYC Fashion Week!

OMG, a chance to go to NYC's Fashion Week (or at least a portion thereof)!  This is, like, my dream!  Unfortunately, I don't show up on film, but if you do, you might not want to miss out on the the #ShowYourHeart photo contest sponsored by Diet Coke.  Check out all the details here.

Lucienne, who does show up on film, is a little too busy running all around the internet promoing our new book, Fangtastic.  She's over today at Magical Words with Authors' Checklist of Dos and Don'ts and at Jessica Brody's blog talking about books, research and her not-so-secret loves.  Still, I'm going to try to cattle prod her into action.  I could be her plus one!

More talk

Lucienne is at it again with more Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit interviews.  She can now be found on:

Sydney Salter's blog (talking about vacation karma and other good things & a chance to win a signed copy of Fangtastic)

YA Fresh with Kelly Parra and Tina Ferraro 

Jennifer Echols' blog (talking books)

Sara Hantz's blog (about writing and inspiration)

Mindi Scott's blog (among other things: fav films and Elvis vs. the Beatles)

Diana Rodriguez Wallach's blog

Debbie Rigaud's blog


Wow, L is all over the Internet right now plugging our new adventure, Fangtastic.  A quick wrap up of this week's round of 'appearances' so far:

The Once & Future Podcast with Anton Strout (with a chance to win a copy of Fangtastic)

B&N: Cover Stories with Melissa Walker

Elana Johnson’s blog (where she take a stand on the all important bacon vs. chocolate issue)

Jessi Kirby’s blog (where she talks about her writing process and shows off her writing space)

Linda Gerber’s blog (advice to writers)

Why is it that I want to start singing, "All around the blogosphere, the author chased promotion..." (to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel)?

Special Events! Giveaways! Guest Blogs!

So psyched!  First of all, bookklovr22 from Twitter won the B&N gift card for her very stylish pic of her as she was caught reading my first second adventures], Revamped!  Check out her so stylish photo!Never fear, though, several new contests are already underway.

For one, Lucienne and some other fab paranormal authors are doing a big event at Bitten by Books this week.  Each day an author blogs and asks a question.  Comment on the daily blogs for a chance to win prizes.  As a bonus, if you answer each of the questions correctly a
t the end of the week, you're entered to win a huge grand prize basket with $200 in gift certificates and special items donated by each of the authors.  So far we have:
Karen Whiddon with the top five reasons she writes paranormal romances.
Faith Hunter with a list of five things to bring to New Orleans...make that two lists, one from her heroine Jane Yellowrock and one from Beast, who shares her body.
Tomorrow I'll be up with Pluses and Minuses for Dating the Undead, but if you RSVP first you get extra entry points!
Thursday and Friday will be Carol Berg and Diana Pharaoh Francis respectively.  You can RSVP for Carol's event now!

For another show-stopper, I'm also pleased to announce the new Spread the Love giveaway, which runs until Valentine's Day and is totally easy to enter.

There are a ton of ways to win:

-blog, tweet, Facebook or whatever your favorite line from any of the Vamped books

-blog, tweet, Facebook or whatever a slogan or tagline with a link to the series page

-repost the Vamped series music video to help spread the word

-post a new and honest review for any book in the series on your own blog or any bookseller site (B&N, Amazon, Powells, etc.)

Do all or any of the above.  Each thing gets you one entry, so you can enter as many times as you’d like, just let me know so that I can keep track or send me the tally by Valentine’s Day.  Winner will be chosen February 15th.  Prize: the lightweight 6” Kindle with case for one lucky winner.  Open to US entrants only (sorry!).

Wondering about slogans?  For Vamped I had: Vamped…eternity needs an entourage.

For Revamped…undead or undercover, fangs are always in fashion.

For Fangtastic, L's been playing with a few, but nothing’s really struck me yet, so please feel free to come up with your own!  Here’s what I have so far:

Doomsday dresses, disappearances and…death?  Get Fangtastic in 2012!

Secret missions, minions and murder…absolutely Fangtastic!

Most importantly, the series is all about fangs and fun.  I wish you both in 2012!  I hope you enjoy and enter as often as you like.  Let me know about it via the contact form on my website or directly at LucienneDiver @ gmail.com (removing the spaces before and after the @).