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Bursting with news today!  First, the winner of Lucienne's newsletter-exclusive contest is Jessy!!!  She gets either signed copies of my first two adventures (Vamped and Revamped) plus swag or a $25 gift certificate to her bookstore of choice.  You go, girl!!!  (If you want to sign up to get info on future exclusives, here's your link.)

Second, be sure to tune in tomorrow for a totally new, totally free short story called "Fanged," following my adventures at the mall with my BFF Marcy.  I promise, it won't all be all sales and shoe shopping, though I fail to see anything wrong with that!

Third, in honor of this past weekend, when Lucienne and her entire family got glammed up for the Renaissance Faire, I'm reposting her very first ever blog:

The Top Ten Things I Learned From Wearing a Corset:

1) Corsets are fantastic for forcing great posture. My grandmother would be so proud...that or scandalized. Probably both.
2) Strange men suddenly lose the ability to look where they're going and totally forget the meaning of subtlety.
3) Always wear sunscreen. (Very important!)
4) In the event that you forget sunscreen, the pain will forever cure you of a second round of stupidity.
5) Dropped food will =never= hit the ground.
6) The fainting scene at the beginning of Pirates of the Caribbean is totally convincing.
7) You get very good service.
8) Bend at the knee, not the waist.
9) Men seem to like it when you laugh.
10) It helps to attend an event several hours away so you don't accidentally bump into anyone you know!

And no, there will not be pictures <g>.

[Gina here.  I could have told her all that, of course, but does she ever listen to me?  Oh, no!  But revenge really is the sincerest form of...something.  So, herewith, I'm pleased to present to you a corset shot.  (Plus, it is a really is a fairly stylin' look, if you're into that sort of thing.)  Do me a favor, print it out for her to autograph at some future date and watch the blush. Tell her I sent you!]